Scientific Collaboration On Past Speciation Conditions in Lake Ohrid

Drilling operation 2013     brd

Starting in December 2012 already, equipment, which was destroyed during the „MSC Flaminia“ accident was replaced and shipped again from USA to Europe. Already in March 2013, the equipment arrived, together with the rest of the equipment, which was not affected by the accident on the „MSC Flaminia“ at Lake Ohrid. Since mid March, the mobilisaiton and launching of the barge onsite is going on. For placing the drill rig on the barge, a 150 t crane was used. A first test of the drill rig showed that, after some smaller repairing took place, the drill rig is working fine.

So, anchoring of the platform is realised on 31st March and April 1st, and the drilling started on April 3th.

Lake Ohrid